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Water front property without moving


Water Features for Your Home and Private Property

Liquid Landscapes Aquatic Design LLC started out in the residential market. From the very beginning we knew we had an eye for design and the attention to detail homeowners want and deserve. We continue to strive for excellence by learning and developing advanced techniques in both construction practices and design skills.


Lots of landscapers and stone masons say they build water features, but many lack the knowledge of filtration and hydraulics and the construction skills required to create a long lasting, easy to maintain, properly functioning system.


If you've designs and ideas, you can discuss it with us and depend on our talented crew to turn it into reality.

Easy to maintain aquatic features

Keeping your naturalized pools or architectural fountains can be quite a task — particularly for a home owner. However, when you get us to design and build them, you can relax knowing that these fantastic features require minimum maintenance.

Our work is GUARANTEED to last, to perform as designed, and to please you. Make use of our services in the Chattanooga area. Call us at

Specializing in aquatic environments

A lot of landscapers and stonemasons build water features. However, our crew has the knowledge of filtration, hydraulics and the construction skills to create long-lasting features, which function like they should for a long time.

20 years of experience in the field

Allow us to add water features to your private property and turn it into the place of your dreams, where you can relax and spend quality time with your family and friends. You can trust our experience to meet and exceed your expectations.

Liquid Landscapes Aquatic Design LLC usually works on water based projects only.

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