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Water front property without moving


Transform Your Outdoor Space with Decks and Patios

Make your outdoor living space more attractive and comfortable by adding a deck and a patio. These outdoor features not only provide a place for your guests and you to sit and relax, but also add elegance to the space.


Liquid Landscapes Aquatic Design LLC has experienced craftsmen that can create any outdoor living space you need. Many of our projects include decks and patios that can stand alone or be designed to create an intimate space around your new Liquid Landscape water feature. Let us help you design an outdoor living area that transforms your home or workplace.

Complete the picture with a patio

While just a pool in your backyard still looks good, adding a deck and a patio completes the picture, making the entire space look more inviting and beautiful. You can always depend on our experienced craftsmen for ideas.

Have questions about getting your new deck built? Feel free to speak to our experienced craftsmen. Call us at

Patios and decks of all sizes built

From a small private deck to a large patio that can cater to all your guests, you can bank on us to build them for you on time and within your budget.

Experienced designers and craftsmen

With 20 years of experience in the field, there's not much we've not done already. Tell us what you have in mind and leave the rest to us. You'll have an attractive deck and patio ready for you in no time.

We carry out deck and patio builds across the Chattanooga area.

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