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Water front property without moving

Water Features for Commercial Properties

Looking for an experienced designer and builder to create attractive water features for your business in the Chattanooga area? Liquid Landscapes Aquatic Design LLC has been in the business for 20 years and has the experience required to meet your high expectations.


Architectural fountains, water walls and naturalistic environments for both interior and exterior applications provide a soothing welcome to guests, clients and residents. These systems must work flawlessly and provide for the safety of your guests. Check out some of the possibilities.


You can have us build interior and exterior features for your business, which will be a hit with your guests, clients and residents.

Wide range of creative aquatic features

At Liquid Landscapes Aquatic Design, we excel at building architectural fountains, water walls and water falls and many other types of naturalistic environments in your place of business.

Our work is GUARANTEED to last, to perform as designed, and to please you. Call us at

Water systems that are safe and reliable

When you get work done by us, you don't have to worry about constant breakdowns or other problems. More importantly, you can have peace of mind because our work is always done with safety in mind.

Let us bring your ideas to life

Do you have great ideas about the different features you want in your property? Discuss them with our talented designers and gain a new perspective. Leave it to us to take your ideas and make them a reality in the most amazing ways.

We don't usually work on projects, which don't include water features.

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